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These involve injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Accurate diagnosis, appropriate physiotherapy treatment and a functional rehabilitation programme will help you achieve a full and speedy recovery. Soft Tissue Treatments include manual stretching, trigger point (knots of contracted areas in a muscle) release techniques, myofascial release techniques, frictions, treatment aimed at nervous tissue and deep soft tissue massage. All of these techniques work to release any tension in the muscles and joints relevant to causing your problem.


• Muscle strains such as hamstrings and calf injuries

• Ligament injuries such as ankle sprain, knee injuries     and A/C joint injury

• Tendon injuries such as tennis elbow and Achilles tendinopathies• Strength and conditioning advice

• Shoulder impingements and capsulitis

• Repetitive strain injuries such as common tendinopathies and carpal tunnel syndrome



Soft Tissue Injuries

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