Sports Injuries

Sporting conditions treated range from acute soft tissue injuries e.g. muscle and ligament strains to regular overuse conditions commonly seen in swimmers, long distance runners or endurance athletes.

Alan Keane Physiotherapy specialise in the treatment of conditions associated with sporting performance, ranging from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior. We will help you to achieve your very best in whatever sport or exercise you choose.  We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services to athletes, sports clubs and sports teams:

• Full comprehensive assessments
• Sports specific rehabilitation programmes
• Post operative rehabilitation e.g ACL reconstruction,
shoulder surgery, post fracture rehabilitation etc
• Pre-season injury screen and prehabilitation
• Strength and conditioning advice
• Supervised return to sport programmes
• Taping and strapping
• Training and match day cover
• Deep tissue massage
• Biomechanical assessment of movement
• Acupuncture and dry needling