Online Physiotherapy Consultations

To facilitate the continuation of my professional practice being open and available to people in a more flexible way I


Musculoskeletal: Back and neck pain Sprains and strains Tendon injury Whiplash injury Work related repetitive strain injury Fracture and dislocation

Persistent Pain Rehabilitation

Persistent Pain Rehabilitation: Recurring back pain Headaches Fibromyalgia Neurological pain Chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) Phantom limb pain

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Extensive experience in post-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation for a wide range of procedures – ranging from knee ligament reconstructions to shoulder

Sports Performance Physiotherapy

Sports Performance Physiotherapy: Personalised injury prevention and rehabilitation Goal setting with planning and implementation of specific programs tailored to goals

Healthy Living

Healthy Living Management of arthritis and joint health Balance rehabilitation and falls prevention Osteoporosis care Active lifestyle with diabetes, cholesterol